Have you ever thought why it’s believed that man makes his own destiny!

Yes, you do bring a destiny basis past life actions and tendencies but then, you still have control over life and can make or break things the way you want. At least, to some extent!

I say so, because I have seen people alter their fate just on the basis of what and how they think. For what is a person really? Just a bundle of thoughts that make the person who he or she really is!

And thoughts aren’t just energy, they are magnetic energy; energy that has the power to attract.

Thoughts are your personality… your personality is your behaviour… your behaviour becomes your intention behind your actions and ultimately, it’s your intention that becomes your action; your Karma!

So your Karma is actually your intent! And it’s your Karma that ultimately writes your destiny!

Here, you also need to understand that while your past is your present, your present is actually the future. The Karma of the past is what you’re living now, and the Karma of your present… will be what you shall live! Therefore, every person does have the power to define his or her… destiny. And the secret is, you have to start thinking correctly, while living in the… now!

But here’s going back to where we started! Thoughts have tremendous power and energy to attract what you get. Of course, the quality of your thoughts depends on the quality of your soul, how you’ve been in past lives, the Karma you carry along… but at every given point… you still have the free will to alter your own thoughts and to replace them with what seems as right.

Say for instance, you feel, you’re carrying heavy energy as your soul quality; you feel rejected, lost and burdened by life. Then suddenly, you get some wisdom that enlightens you and makes you aware of the same and tells you how to change your inner content. The moment you start acting on this wisdom, the moment you decide you’ve had enough and feel willing to change… you will start using your precious free will!

You start by taking stock of what’s unwanted and gradually, by changing your thoughts, you change your outlook, the way you feel, the way you act and ultimately, the way you are. But action must be taken at the thought level for that’s where it all starts. That’s why you have spiritual knowledge and meditation!

What do they do? Nothing, but simply influence the way you think!

So thoughts are really that important! Plus astrologically, your thoughts cast a profound influence on how life plays out.

Why? Simply because, when your thoughts have an element of darkness, doubt, despair and despondency… what you empower are the ill placed planets in your chart. And what do these planets reflect? They reflect your Karma and tendencies of the past! Well, even the well-placed planets reflect the same!

Therefore, when you think in a way that’s negative, heavy and always lingering with problems, criticism, complain and fear… you keep your Karma and tendencies of the ill placed planets and the weak houses… active! You continue dwelling on your negative past and keep bringing it into your present. Not just that, you also empower it to travel with you… into the future!

Similarly, when you think of life’s blessings, goodness and joys; doesn’t matter if they are quite few in your outlook; but when you do keep thinking of them and thinking of everyone, including yourself… positively, you activate the strong and positive aspects of your chart. You keep your well-placed planets in motion! You keep your happy houses of the chart, alive! And the end result of the same is… you keep bringing the good Karmas and tendencies of your past into the present and they become stronger to be able to travel with you into the future.

So what really gives impetus to the planets, nakshatras and houses of your entire birth chart is truly the way you think!

All you need to remember is, your present day thoughts are based on your Karma and tendencies of the past; your planetary placements in the birth chart also reflect the Karma and tendencies of the past. But what you keep from the past, in the present, is totally your choice! Whether, you choose to keep your positive placements active or the negative ones…is totally, your choice.

Yes, there are planets that are weak in a chart and there are planets that are strong, there are yogas that predict the worst and there are yogas that predict the best. There are time periods (Mahadashas/ antardashas) that are waiting to deliver as per the condition of the planets that rule them but ultimately, you need to understand that it’s your thoughts that energize and attract what eventually comes along. For sometimes, predictions fail and people think astrology or the astrologer is wrong… but what’s happens is, you alter the course of fate (to a great extent) with the way you think.

Your thoughts are energy and energy in motion. It is flowing in a certain direction and that direction becomes your life. If you keep your thoughts aligned with the pure, beautiful and happy aspects of life, your good planets and houses will respond. Whereas the opposite would mean, you’re staying in sync with the challenging placements of your birth chart and thus, helping the planets and houses that are weak, take charge of your life.

So invest yourself… on thinking wisely as that probably is the greatest remedy for all malefic planets and placements in any astrological chart! And the next time you visit an astrologer… insist on knowing just the positives about your chart. Anyway, a wise and spiritually inclined astrologer will tell you just that! For he or she would know, that you will ultimately write your destiny… from what is being told!