Meditation has become quite a fad these days. With many spiritual schools proposing different techniques; there have never been as many options to choose from.

Any why not?

After all, Meditation isn’t just a process to self-healing through deep internalization and in some techniques, even divine connection…it’s also the way to effectively change the course of ones destiny from bad to better, at times, even best.

Meditation is the only way one can help the planets deliver acceptable results of our Karma. For through meditation, one is able to clean ones energy, get the wisdom to act wisely, as well as think and feel the right way, the more positive way.

And what is Karma?

It’s just a sum total of our thoughts, feelings and actions. So, if ones Karma is clean, no matter what the planetary positions in ones birth chart, the results will cease to harm. Certain inevitable results apart, Meditation has a huge impact in bringing Karmic relief!

However, there are some people who cannot meditate or should I say, cannot concentrate or sit in silence for too long. Their inner mechanism being on overdrive doesn’t quite allow them to sit in quiet moments of profound reflection. Forget about going that one step further in Meditation where one aligns ones own energy with that of the divine, it’s hard of these people to simply just be!

So why really can some people Meditate and some cannot?

The planets will tell you! One look at a horoscope and it’s easy to find out if a person can meditate or not; and why!

Certain planetary positions in ones chart, show heavy Karmic balances and should a person have such balances, it will be tough for him or her to concentrate in Meditation. Especially, a weak Moon in ones chart or an afflicted Moon, will make it tough for a person to go through the energizing process of Meditation. Jupiter and Saturn, along with Rahu & Ketu play a key part in indicating success or failure at Meditation. Jupiter being the planet of higher wisdom, Saturn being the planet of Karma and Rahu as well as Ketu being the Karmic nodes, along with Ketu also being the planet of spirituality, their placements in a chart besides the Moon… are major indicators to ones ability or inability to meditate.

Here, more importantly, one needs to understand that every soul is energy. The charts and the planetary positions that one looks at are of the energy that has moved from one life to another. Basis the Karma and the tendencies a soul brings from past lives, the soul or the energy is either heavy or light.

Good Karma and positive tendencies carried forward – show the energy is light. And if ones soul or the internal energy is light, the process of Meditation will remain effortless and easy. However, if the planetary positions in a chart indicate heavy Karmic balances and complex tendencies, then, Meditation becomes a tedious task that one is seldom able to perform.

An important point that one needs to understand here is that Meditation is always the activity of the soul, (that energy within). When the body is still, it’s the soul that reflects, connects and corrects… which eventually brings about healing, redemption and empowerment. Therefore, should the soul or that internal energy be heavy due to complexities of Karma or its tendencies; then Meditation will be hard to perform. The process of Meditation being a soul’s flight away from the body and its consciousness or should I say, the worldly consciousness, a heavy soul will be unable to take such a flight. The Karmic bondage and its complex tendencies will become a hindrance, thus, thwarting the process before a soul can travel deeper or higher.

The key however is to keep trying and trying harder… with greater resolve. Because it’s only Meditation that can help a soul inculcate positive tendencies and settle Karma with ease. With greater perseverance and sincere efforts, Meditation will come along but only if one keeps trying. The use of free will, to not give up… is significant here.