Why Astro-Karma

“Through understanding your past lessons and debts, you will remember your goals for the current life. You will feel fulfilled and no longer confused or lost. You will learn to overcome fear, anxiety and grief. You will live your life more fully in the present moment and you will enjoy its pleasures more completely.” -Dr Brian Weiss

What is it?

Astro-karma-keys…is a unique initiative to help you lead the life you’re truly meant to live. This, in order to be able to pay back the karmic balances and settle the backlog of past life deeds which greatly impact the present; vis a vis personality, relationships, success, finance, health, worldly success, spiritual growth and all other facets of life.

Astro Karma Keys shows the way to constantly creating good karma as a security and asset for now; and subsequent lives. It combines the right aspects of astrology with spirituality to provide the seekers… powerful karmic insights into understanding their past life accounts, their impact on the present life and the ways to resolve karmic debts or enhance good karma assets that one brings here from past human journeys.

How is it done?

Your birth chart is your Karmic blueprint. Once this is comprehensively analysed, I shall offer you spiritual remedies and counselling if required that will ensure a solution to not just problems in your relationships, work, health, finance, social interactions, spiritual growth & over all well-being, but will also lift you towards becoming an elevated soul.

Understanding, deeper meaning

We are not here to just grow financial fortunes or marry and raise a family, to become famous or successful at work or to stay healthy for as long as we can! These are just means to the end which is all about settling karmic balances, transforming negative accounts, holding on to & nurturing positive ones; and of course, paying back or receiving for bad and good karma… associated to past life and this.

Improving your Today & Tomorrow

You are here to generate Karmic gains and pay Karmic debts. To improve the quality of your karma (combines intent, actions, words and thoughts); to heal and harmonize any negative energy exchanges while heightening the power of positive exchanges of past life and this! You are here to clean up your act of the past that you may not be aware of but your horoscope well indicates. You are here to become a better soul. To increase your soul power and to guarantee yourself a great next life!