Never draw premature conclusions when you see a difficult chart or when someone tells you that your chart isn’t as promising and the road ahead could be bumpy. Never underestimate the positive influence of even the most ill placed or weak planets in your chart for each of them have the ability to do some good. Say for instance, a debilitated Moon in Scorpio, may reflect a sensitive or an over thinking mind but it also means that you’ve been gifted with an ability to not just think deep but you also could be… highly intuitive. Something that can greatly advantage you, especially while making important choices in life.

If your chart shows a debilitated Jupiter, then even though it reflects a lack of inclination towards religion or rituals, you may actually get a push to grow spiritually in life. For the opposite of religion is spirituality and such souls, may have the potential to grasp spiritual knowledge and follow spirituality or some foreign path, when it comes to their faith.

Then say, if you have Jupiter sitting in conjunction with Rahu, textually known as a Guru Chandal Yog, it may not get you the right gurus or teachers in life or may keep you confused in life till a certain age, but it will definitely make you an ‘out of the box’ thinker, or someone with a distinct imagination and the ability to create new and path breaking stuff.

Sun sitting with Saturn, an awkward and undesirable combination in astrology, will keep your ego in check and will never let you succumb to pride and arrogance. Venus in the 8th house, again a dreaded placement, will help you see beauty in the darkest things of life. It will give you the ability to inspire others that way. Mercury with Mars, although an enemy conjunction – it will help your efforts (Mars) get driven by your intelligence (Mercury). A debilitated Saturn – will make you understand the value of good Karma, hard work, selfless deeds, lawfulness and true justice in life. A debilitated Sun will force you to work on your ego and become more humble with time.

Then, planets sitting with the nodes will enable you settle a huge chunk of Karma in a given lifetime. Also, since Rahu, the north node takes over the qualities of the planet it’s sitting with… sitting with Jupiter…Rahu will be guided by wisdom; with Saturn, it will have fear of the law and with Venus, love for beauty and relationships. Likewise, south node Ketu, sitting with Mercury can make ones intelligence highly insightful and spiritual; with Jupiter, again a powerful combination for spirituality… it would mean your wisdom and spirituality are together in the chart.

Therefore, firstly I’d say that even the harshest placements in a birth chart would amount to something powerful and significant and secondly, more importantly, harsh placements or difficult charts indicate a great opportunity. Opportunity to grow as a soul… to empower oneself… with values and virtues (tendencies) that will eventually lead to good Karma in a lifetime and would certainly boost prospects for the next one!

Let’s understand this a little more!

When you define the placements of planets astrologically, the essence of these placements is essentially Karma. Meaning, every planet in the birth chart is either an opportunity to enjoy good Karma of previous lifetimes or an opportunity to offset negative Karma of the past. This can mean Karma towards the self (as ones personality and health) or Karma towards others (relationships and associations) or even Karma towards life overall (success, failure, wealth, poverty, recognition, mishaps etc). Every planet amounts to some kind of Karma gathered through past incarnations.

So, good placements or strong planets would obviously mean a person would enjoy the fruits of good past life deeds. However, a negative or ill placed chart would indicate not just disappointments but also scope for growth and creation of good Karma. Meaning, a birth chart that may predict the odds may actually be a golden chance to create the best for the future or the lifetime to follow.

A birth chart with weak planetary placements is therefore, a blessing in disguise as that particular soul, whose chart it is, is actually going to be on an ascending path. This soul will be making future investments by being forced by life and situations to look within and make the necessary changes that will set it on the path to redemption. Redemption from Karmic balances in the future. For a tough chart means, you are here to settle a major chunk of negative Karma done in previous lifetimes. And once you have invested some part of your present life in doing so, you shall be released from pain and punishments and will be rewarded in some way for your perseverance and efforts (provided you don’t succumb to pressure).

Therefore, a difficult chart in a way pushes you to not just untangle the Karmic knots but to also consider the importance of doing the right and good Karma. And that way you invest into the future! You consciously create your future ‘prarabhda’ and take steady steps towards not just resolving the past but also building a strong and happy future.

While if you have a good chart, there is a great possibility (not always though) that you may get caught in the maze of “Maya” and not feel the need to invest into good Karma for your future “prarabhda”. For you, this may just be the ultimate life and you may not feel the need to look for something beyond and more, you may not feel the need to seek and strive! There would be no lessons to learn and get better as a person, in the course of your life (unless, you are a deep thinker). While you may have a great and perfect life, a good chart, may not essentially mean… a ticket to something better. At times, I have even found people with strong and powerful charts taking things easy and for granted; and not consolidating their Karmic pattern rather depleting the powers gained by indulging in excesses.

On the contrary, people with weak charts, haven’t always been found complaining. Rather, I have seen some people make a greater effort to understand life, Karma and the dos and don’ts attached to the same. I have seen them being forced to seek the answers to the deeper questions of life. Their hardships, failures, disappointments and rejections have compelled them to figure…that… which would enable them settle what they must and eventually grow and blossom to something significantly beautiful.

I have seen people with difficult charts and a difficult life, mature through greater sensitivity and a great sensibility in the eventual course. Thus, I am of the firm opinion, that when you have a chart that is weak or difficult…you have to take it as a golden chance to something substantially solid and rewarding waiting to be rightfully earned.

Lastly, we need to remember that we as souls are forever – work in progress. Lifetime after lifetime… till we are in this cycle, we will become and break, become and break and become again… till we earn Mukti or salvation. There is a possibility that a good chart may often (not always) lead one… to breaking, while a difficult chart may be ones pathway… to becoming!

Swami Vivekananda had said, ‘you neither come empty handed in life nor do you go empty-handed. When you are born, you bring a destiny with you and when you leave – you take your sanskars.’

A difficult chart is more often than not your ticket to writing a great destiny that you shall be born with in your next incarnation. It’s your pathway to inculcating greater values or sanskars that will eventually become your destiny.