Meditation is the cure to all the planetary hardships that we face in life. It is unquestionably the only concrete remedy in astrology, with no Karmic effects. However, the truth is … not everyone can meditate!

Firstly, it’s only a handful of people who understand the power of this age-old technique and only a handful… who can truly apply this technique to its optimum. Of the rest that remain… either people reject the concept or they try, fail and admit… they simply cannot meditate!

While I have already explained in a separate note, why people cannot meditate, here’s reflecting on what people who cannot meditate, need to do, in order to be able to set themselves on an obstacle free path… to meditative nirvana.

Meditation… one must know… is a technique that builds soul power and helps a soul settle its Karma with ease. It also influences change in the soul personality that helps it move closer to salvation. And Meditation is undoubtedly a purely spiritual activity where the soul (energy) connects with the source energy (supreme), to fill up the inner reservoir of powers and find enlightenment (direction).

The power gained and the wisdom one attains through enlightenment… helps a soul, settle Karma without creating further Karma in the energy exchange with another souls or situations. Thus ending, a Karmic chain that may otherwise cause enormous suffering (i.e. if out of ignorance and lack of powers… further Karma be created while settling a specific one).

But the most significant aspect of Meditation to remember here is – it’s a totally spiritual process!

A process… where the spirit connects with a higher form of energy and attains its sense of direction as well as strength. And because it’s a spiritual process, it takes a lot for an individual to drop the consciousness of the material plane and adopt something as mystical and subtle. The material mind being ever active in most of us, understanding and adopting a spiritual link is quite often confusing as well as frustrating.

Quite evidently, we are so used to the physical realm that to comprehend the self as a soul and then to connect with the source where we came from… seems incongruous to many.

And that’s precisely why; one needs spiritual education (Knowledge) as the first thing to break that material ego and to help one look at life from an altogether different yet real perspective.

Spiritual study and constant inner reflections will definitely help one inch closer to the prospect of adopting Meditation as a lifestyle. Before that even if one tries to embark upon a meditative journey, it may seem complex and boring, and will sooner than later… be discarded.

So, for all those who want to practice meditation and please your planets, as well as settle Karma more effectively, take up spiritual studies, join a spiritual school, or even listen, just listen to what the masters say.

Gradual understanding of the knowledge will enable you see the light and there will come a time when Meditation will flow instinctively! Plus, it may also become an addictive activity for someone… seriously looking to get past this life – awakened and enlightened.

Astrologically, there is a possibility that some heavy Karmic debts are blocking your path to Meditation. The planets could be acting tough on you! Perhaps, you insulted the masters (gurus) in your previous lifetimes. Perhaps, you mocked at spiritual wisdom and values. Perhaps, you may have even misused the spiritual path for gaining popularity and misleading or exploiting others…. the reason could be anything that’s causing the hurdle.

So astrologically, one good remedy to unblock one’s path is… selflessly donating to spiritual organizations without expecting anything in return. You need to understand the great virtues of dedicated spiritual organizations here.

What they do, the knowledge they spread or the meditative environments they create… help many other souls gain spiritual guidance and healing. Many lost and peace-less souls find help and mental as well as spiritual nourishment through such dedicated & non-commercial organizations.

And what happens is, when you donate anonymously to such organizations or donate without wanting any benefit or name, you end up aiding or helping a multitude of people find inner peace and wisdom.

The hidden blessings in doing so, eventually unlocks your doorway to spiritual practice and meditation; cause only when you create positivity for others will you be able to break the spell of negativity (negative Karma) that you perhaps inadvertently created in some lifetime! Of course, planets also act as per your Karmic pattern and soul tendencies… is something, you always need to remind yourself!

So, should you be struggling at meditation and want to emerge successful, remember to give and you will surely gain! Or take up spiritual knowledge; make it a way of life and Meditation will eventually flow!