If there’s anything in this world that’s always fair, always correct and ever accurate, it’s the Karmic law. And it’s ever operational, ever calculative, ever dynamic! The human mind cannot even comprehend the force and pace at which this law operates and comes back with astuteness that even technology may fail to compete with.

Humans, being victims of their own follies, are often left complaining to God for many of their troubles. For eons, it’s presumed that God is the creator and the destroyer and it is His plan that determines our eventual rewards or heartbreaks!

I mean really? Ask yourself; does God really have the time to do something as trivial as maintain a logbook of Karmic details of 7.3 billion people?

Look at any country, does the elected head – the prime minister or the president run the lives of their people individually!

One on one that is!
Can they?

Well, they have country laws and policies and constitution etc that takes care of governance and the running of people machinery. Each is bound to act as per the laid down norms and each gets his or her returns, basis what the rule-book states. That’s how it’s all so accurately and efficiently done…managing scores of people, their lives and their conduct!

If anyone violates the law, they’re punished, if anyone breaks the rules they’re fined, if anyone breaches the constitutional mandate, they’re put in the dock. And likewise, for good actions, there are good rewards too. It’s all laid down, almost… automated.

That’s precisely how the law of Karma governs us all and it’s very simple to comprehend, very logical and impartial. Call it the rule of the universe or the unseen divine force at work…this law is mysterious but true!

Remember, Newton’s law of motion? For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction! Meaning, for every action there will be a reaction that’s equal in size but opposite in direction.

This perhaps best describes the Karmic Law! What you give to universe… will return to you as it is. The return could be immediate; it could take a few days, months, years or even lifetimes. But it will return!!!

So, the rules are simple, what you want is what you must give. If you expect good to happen to you; you must be good or do good and that energy will return to you one way or the other. If you seek kindness then give it… and it is bound to come back. If you want love, then give, and its return is routine. Yet, if you choose to live with angst, jealousy, doubt, fear or any kind of negative energy, then you are creating that for not anyone but yourself. It will return, just the same… is the set law.

The Karmic law is as simple to understand as this – that with every thought, with every emotion, every feeling, every word and deed…you are writing your destiny. Everything is going to come back as it is. God cannot intervene!! The law governs you and it operates in tandem with your energy – thought, words and actions.

And if you don’t question the country laws, if you take responsibility for your actions and live as law abiding citizens, if you subscribe to the norms of civilized society, willing to face the consequences for any violation… then why do you not take responsibility for your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions, your responses, your reactions… which could possibly harm someone, or more importantly, harm you.

God of course, is there to charge you with the positivity that you need to implement the good thoughts and actions. He always does so when you meditate or pray. But for the rest of it, you need to play your part and stay on the right side of the law.

Therefore, always remember to function out of the awareness that …your thoughts write your destiny! Your feelings seal your fate! Your emotions define your character and thus your future! Your reactions and responses attract suitable rewards or punishments.

God hasn’t ever willed anything for you! You are what you give!