When you take to spirituality, you aren’t doing anything outside. No rituals, no chanting, no rings, no superstitions…all the attention and action is shifted inwards. For the simple reason that you no longer operate as a body, you only operate as a soul. And for a soul… the worldly stuff remains inconsequential!

Imagine yourself – detached from the body and see how you feel.
Well, meditation takes you there but for those, who don’t meditate, this is about a shift in consciousness, about stepping inwards and thinking, looking, feeling, operating as a soul. Pure, conscious, eternal energy that’s ever dynamic!!

When your consciousness shifts to – being a soul – what gets ignited is the realization that you are on a constant journey, that what you think you are today in the worldly perspective; tomorrow will cease to exist. And there will be a new role to play, new people to be with & new things to do. Just like it was something else in the past and that no longer remains!

As a soul, you know your time is limited in the body and that you must do, what this life has been given to you for. There is this sense of urgency that develops to do only what’s important and connected to the Karmic balances of the past, while creating good Karma as a security for the future.

Time suddenly expands and you begin to think long term. You begin to analyze your needs better and you begin to overlook the wasteful and unnecessary.

Through soul consciousness you simply become aware!

Aware of your true and beneficial needs and expectations, aware of your goals and actions, of your thoughts and reactions! The focus shifts from the outer world to within. And when this awareness takes over the mind, the entire outlook towards life changes. May be, gradually, but the point is, when you turn inwards and operate out being aware…of your thoughts and responses…there are chances you will falter less.

In the mundane way of life, you seek the easy route. Operating as the body, the name or the label attached, you live in this unconscious state of oblivion towards the self. The blame for what’s happening to you, or the problems in your life is mostly related to someone or something outside. Then there are solutions sought, which again will be an outer thing. And more likely, they bring temporary respite or perhaps don’t work altogether. For the problems in your life, your planets, your horoscope, isn’t a creation of the body. It’s a result of the energy exchange the soul has experienced in the past and continues to do so in the present. It’s all connected to who you are in the true sense – the soul. And each time this soul takes a body, it gets into Karmic exchanges. Each time, it leaves the body; it carries the impact of the latter and its future consequences along. These exchanges also determine the position of your planets in your chart.

But only when you are in a state of higher consciousness (that of a soul), you will be able to relate to the impact of Karma and the role it’s playing in writing your destiny.

It’s then, when you’ll realize that in this ongoing journey, there is something that you’ve carried from the past as your Karma, certain energy exchanges that were pleasant and some, that perhaps were not. And while you may be in a different costume (body) today, the energy that you’ve carried forward is only a continuation of past exchanges.

You become aware that the body must be left behind life after life, yet, the energy that you are and the one that you receive or give, must be carried forward… life after life! The Karmic balances or rewards accompany you in time and that you are only a sum total of your deeds. Those, done in previous encounters and those that you bring along as an impression or an impact in the present! (Which the planets in your chart decode very well.)

So, spirituality actually changes consciousness and by way of doing so, it changes your entire approach to life, people, situations and circumstances and more importantly – yourself. A mind that’s aware of its higher state will strive to respond to life better. Such a mind will attempt to make sure that good, clean, positive energy is all that it carries and whatever that’s bothering, remains only a thing of the past.

Most importantly, when you change consciousness, you change your energy. And half your problems begin to get resolved with immediate effect. This is the power of spirituality! It connects you with your true self and makes you operate out of your duties and responsibilities towards yourself, not expecting someone or something else to fill up for… the duties and responsibilities towards you!

You begin to act for your own self. Your betterment, your cleaning, your healing and your growth!

As a soul, you remain aware that what you’ve brought as relations, equations, circumstances, situations – is all a result of your previous energy exchange and so, you must be responsible and cautious in the present, to be able to carry only the good things forward!

The application of this consciousness in life… guarantees good fortune and eases off the impact of anything negative! Though what’s most enjoyable… is that you gain control over yourself; your present as well as the future!