Solutions & Healing

“You have awakened when you realize, you create your reality through the energy of your consciousness.”

Astro – Spiritual Solutions & Healing

In your horoscope, the 12 houses and 9 planets… stand for the various aspects of your life. Each of the planets or the houses in which they are placed, reflect a certain kind of energy exchange of the past life with the things and relationships related to that house or planet.

A positive placement equals to a positive exchange while a negative placement reveals some negative exchanges that come as a Karmic backlog.

And what is spirituality? It’s about the Soul, the spirit, the energy that comes in contact with various life aspects and does deeds which actually amount to an energy exchange.

Astrological Solutions Vs Spiritual

Traditionally in astrology, the solutions offered to correct a malefic planetary/sign placement and its overall impact on life & relationships…revolve around remedies that are mostly external. These could either be… wearing a gemstone or performing a ritual or may be, even fasting, chanting and praying. But ideally, trying the spiritual route to astrological problems… could prove far more effective… than these short term solutions that astrologers offer at large.

Here’s How!

A planet or house in a horoscope loses its strength and positivity only as an effect of karmic balances related to that house or planet. There is no other reason for some horoscopes to have a positive Sun or Moon or may be Mars or Venus or Saturn etc and some others to have a negative one.

Therefore, one needs to imperatively understand here that the real cause of a negative planetary placement or house in any horoscope is not the planet or the house itself; not even the planetary movement in the solar system. It’s actually the soul’s deeds of the past life, Karma as one calls it, which leads to the cause and effect of planetary positions in ones horoscope. Everything else is just a means to the end.

Which is why, the diagnosis of an astrological problem must lead to spiritual solutions for maximum benefits to the seeker. For Astrological solutions are merely external tools that provide a sense of temporary peace and hope for change.

Spiritual Solutions Help Better

The key thing about solutions to all astrological problems and eventual healing is… converting negative to positive. And that, an external remedy –can’t do for anyone. Because real solutions amount to correcting energy that’s within, the kind that one gives out and subsequently, the energy that comes back!

That’s why, the next time you examine grey areas in your horoscope, understand, they are what they are… because of the quality of energy you’ve given in your past life to them.

And once you understand this, you’ll know, that astrology may well read the good and bad in your horoscope but it’s spirituality that will enable you get the most accurate remedies for long term healing.

Astro-karma-keys is your way to correcting that energy in various aspects of life… bringing about healing!