Ever undermined, ever lost in the hum drum, ever unconsidered and ever underutilized is the power that can actually make miracles happen in life. It’s the power of ‘I’. The power that actually creates one’s destiny and rules it till the very end!

Not external influences, not the stars, not God nor man…it is this ‘I’ – that controls and guides everything in humans and everything that eventually comes to him or her!

Your life, your opportunities, your relationships, success, failure, joys, sorrows, your feelings, behaviour, attitude, ambitions, dreams, your efforts, moods, day to day interactions, your responses, experiences, circumstances…just anything and everything that happens to you…is actually and only…controlled by that ‘I’ – in you! That indomitable and uncontainable power; that most consistent energy, which is actually the sum total of everything about you!

But have you ever given it a thought – how powerful this ‘I’, actually is? Have you ever noticed, what all this ‘I’ is truly capable of; and how…it actually is the most constant, the most consistent and the most creative entity within you? Have you ever realized, how careful you should be towards using this energy? Do you ever understand… how important it is for you to not undermine or ignore it?
Well, perhaps – NOT!

For if you had, you wouldn’t be seeking fulfilment in the external world! You wouldn’t be asking people why things don’t change for you! You wouldn’t be banking on soothsayers and counsellors to change your world, your fate, your life… and most certainly, you wouldn’t be waiting for happiness to actually come to you!

You wouldn’t be blaming, complaining or claiming that the world has been unfair to you or that fortune has never sided you! You wouldn’t be feeling a victim or helpless and depressed if ever… anything were to go wrong with you. You wouldn’t…if only, you had understood… that the ‘I’ in you… is the true master, the creator and the doer all through.

For in life…you only get – what that ‘I’ in you creates, what it thinks and eventually attracts! The problem is… you’ve never allowed yourself to feel the power of this ‘I’ energy…the energy that’s travelled with you all the distance and has been a witness to your drama, in this life and the many that you’ve lived before. This ‘I’ energy… knows your mistakes and also the path to your redemption!
But it needs to be active all the time, in order to help you realize your full potential! It needs to be flexible, fair and detached to be able to help you choose what’s best for you…in terms of the way you think, feel, act and respond, also experience.

Tell me, have you not sat down many times talking to yourself? Haven’t you heard yourself saying – “I love myself, I want this and this for myself, I want to see myself happy and hopeful, I want to scale the heights, I want to have meaningful and lasting relationships, I want the best results for my actions…”

And while you go through this internal or external conversation, have you ever noticed… that everything and anything that you want in life is eventually connected to that…‘I’… inside you? And how powerful and controlling that ‘I’ actually is! Have you ever cared to figure out how, when all that you want is connected to that ‘I’; all that you get… is also its creation.

It’s the absolute truth! The ‘I’ in you is indeed the most important! Nothing or no one is above it! For it is this ‘I’ that chooses your fate, your life events, your circumstances, your relationships and the kind of existence that you eventually lead. As you continue performing on the stage of life…it is this ‘I’ that is the director and the actor…being judged and watched.

And no one but this ‘I’ alone, can influence your performance; making it ordinary or exemplary! No one but this ‘I’ alone, can deliver a performance that’s memorable or forgettable! And no one but this ‘I’ alone, can make this performance a reason for your happiness, glory or pain and shame. That’s how great and defining is the power of that ‘I’ inside you… and that’s exactly how it’s always been or will be!

But it means nothing till you don’t feel it and acknowledge it and give it the due congnizance. It means nothing, till you remain shackled in external influences. It means nothing, till you connect with this power, till you use it to your full advantage, till you understand that it’s the only thing in your control; till you realize that it’s what… that best defines you; till you watch it and constantly work at it; till you rightfully reward it, respect it!

Till then, you will timidly and ignorantly continue to search for the answers outside. You will continue to wait for miracles to happen to you! You will continue to feel weak and helpless, you will continue to depend; you will continue to expect; and you will remain ever enslaved by your illusions… till then you will stay confused and worried and consequently, you will never be able to reach your full potential!

Which is why, the most significant thing that you need to understand… is that the ‘I’ inside you… is ever active and unlimited. It is what that makes your thoughts and all that you attract. Your choices, your actions and their results are nothing but a creation of that ‘I’ inside you.

We all blunder…. thinking that what we get in life is written in the stars or is an event caused by the people around us and the circumstances… for it is this very thought that casts a dark shadow on the power within us.

The power of – ‘I’!

When we look outside for the answers, the reasons, the things and the people that make us or break us; we actually undermine our own ability of creation. And it’s in this very moment…we fail…we weaken and lose strength and hope.

But when we understand that – “I am… what I think I can be, I am… what I choose to be and I am… what I want to be” – we rise to our true potential and handle ourselves with utmost dignity, care and attention.

Undeniably, it’s the power of ‘I’ that defines life for each one of us! We only need to change our consciousness and address that “I” time and time again. We only need to feel the control and the authority this ‘I’ enjoys. And the moment we do – we will feel the liberation, the exhilaration and the joy of living on ones own terms. We will be free of negativity; will be grateful, magnanimous and ever useful to others.