Yes, there is a way you may be able to figure some aspects of your past life in astrology! For what is a horoscope? It’s nothing but an account of your past life deeds as well as tendencies. Indeed, planets can reveal to a great extent… how you’ve been as a person… in relationships, in life over all, as human, as a soul! In my personal insights, I have been able to trace back peoples past life to some degree. I have been successful at connecting the past with the present and understanding, the root of certain situations, their cause and effect!

Now, there are certain planets in astrology that give the clues to past life deeds. Of course, your main birth chart – D1, and a divisional chart known as Shastyamsa or the D60 chart… offer major clues to past life; but some planets like Ketu, Saturn and Rahu also Moon…provide major clues.

Here’s a brief understanding of what the two most important planets, connected to Karma and past life – Saturn and Ketu – reveal!

Saturn’s condition offers insights into the quality of your Karma done in previous life. Whether or not you discharged your professional, your human and relationship duties with sincerity and diligence! Whether or not you had the heart to give and give selflessly, generously, anonymously & compassionately (Like donations and charities)! Whether or not you lived lawfully, righteously and judiciously! A well-placed Saturn in your horoscope, is an automatic tick on the boxes and rest assured, you’ll now reap the benefits of the good you did in past.

I have found people with good Saturn, doing very well in business, career and matters regarding wealth. As remember, Saturn for everyone is the original ruler of the 10th house of work and the 11th house of wealth and gains. So to determine how successful you’ll be in these two aspects, condition of Saturn is taken in account.

People with a well-placed Saturn, have also been found to be the givers in society; people who do massive charity. These people are usually quite law abiding and fair in their dealings. However, should your Saturn be weak or ill placed, then it shows the opposite of the good qualities mentioned above and rest assured, the areas where people with a well placed Saturn – flourish, is where a weak Saturn will give the greatest hurdles, limitations and challenges in this lifetime!

If you are a rule breaker or someone who defies the laws, or someone, who doesn’t mind taking the shortcut to success and gains or even someone who is less about giving and all about getting… most likely, your Saturn is weak!

This is one planet that hits bull’s eye when it comes to predicting past life. It can provide exact or near to exact understanding of what a person did and achieved in his last incarnation. So, a well-placed or strong Ketu would mean, you did well in whatever Ketu represents in your chart. Meaning, you excelled in your previous lifetime in the role that you played. However, should Ketu be debilitated in your chart, then very likely, you will carry your past life mission into the present, because you could not accomplish it.

Now of course, one needs to not just see the sign and house placement regarding Ketu, one must also look at which Nakshatra, Ketu is sitting in, to give the exact or close to exact details of the past life. But broadly, looking at just the sign and house placement of planet Ketu, an astrologer can provide significant information. Sitting in conjunctions, it can even reveal past life connections with people in our lives.

Here’s very briefly looking at the house and sign placement of Ketu and what it tells, regarding ones past life –

1. First house or sign Aries – Person in the past life may have been active and driven but also very impulsive, aggressive and too self-centered!
2. Second house or sign Taurus – Person may be quite wealthy but materialistic and lacking in spiritual qualities, in his or her past life.
3. Third house or sign Gemini – In his or her past life, this person may have been a good communicator but quite directionless or someone who was all over the place, not very serious or focused at what they wanted to do, someone who lacked depth of character and maturity.
4. Fourth house or sign Cancer – This person may have been too emotional or someone who lived his or her life through others, someone very attached to people and therefore, insecure and lacking in self-confidence.
5. Fifth house or sign Leo – Bossy, dominating, egoistic and too much self love, this person may have been creative and successful but lacked at being sensitive to others.
6. Sixth house or sign Virgo – Driven by their work, these are the people who may have been quite painstakingly meticulous at what they did but their sense of perfection would have converted them to an anxious & critical soul.
7. Seventh house or sign Libra – Too dependent on other people and someone who saw the self… through others. You may have been too driven by relationships, therefore, lacked your own identity.
8. Eight house or sign Scorpio – You belong to the emotional, insecure category but these emotions or insecurity could be because your life saw certain upheavals, ups and downs and you may have seen – extremes.
9. Ninth house or sign Sagittarius – A wanderer, a traveler or a philosopher… you may have been anything but you may have also been either the impractical, abstract, bohemian kind or someone very orthodox!
10. Tenth house or sign Capricorn – You were someone very practical, the achiever, the doer, the ambitious, the power seeker, the one driven by rank and status but someone, quite dry on emotions to the extent of being cold and repressed.
11. Eleventh house or sign Aquarius – You were the idealist, the innovator or someone who did something path-breaking, a pioneer, a humanitarian or even a rebel. Someone quite independent and eccentric but again, dry on emotions.
12. Twelfth house or sign Pisces – The spiritualist, the imaginative or the creative, you may be an escapist, a dreamer but also highly sensitive and unrealistic, someone… who may have shunned responsibilities and preferred isolation.