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Spirituality Brings Good Fortune

When you take to spirituality, you aren’t doing anything outside. No rituals, no chanting, no rings, no superstitions…all the attention and action is shifted inwards. For the simple reason that you no longer operate as a body, you only operate as a soul. And for a soul… the worldly stuff remains inconsequential!

Imagine yourself – detached from the body and see how you feel.

Well, meditation takes you there but for those, who don’t meditate, this is about a shift in consciousness, about stepping inwards and thinking, looking, feeling, operating as a soul. Pure, conscious, eternal energy that’s ever dynamic!! .

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When your consciousness shifts to – being a soul – what gets ignited is the realization that you are on a constant journey, that what you think you are today in the worldly perspective; tomorrow will cease to exist. And there will be a new role to play, new people to be with & new things to do. Just like it was something else in the past and that no longer remains! As a soul, you know your time is limited in the body and that you must do, what this life has been given to you for. There is this sense of urgency that develops to do only what’s important and connected to the Karmic balances of the past, while creating good Karma as a security for the future. Time suddenly expands and you begin to think long term. You begin to analyze your needs better and you begin to overlook the wasteful and unnecessary. Through soul consciousness you simply become aware! Aware of your true and beneficial needs and expectations, aware of your goals and actions, of your thoughts and reactions! The focus shifts from the outer world to within. And when this awareness takes over the mind, the entire outlook towards life changes. May be, gradually, but the point is, when you turn inwards and operate out being aware…of your thoughts and responses…there are chances you will falter less. In the mundane way of life, you seek the easy route. Operating as the body, the name or the label attached, you live in this unconscious state of oblivion towards the self. The blame for what’s happening to you, or the problems in your life is mostly related to someone or something outside. Then there are solutions sought, which again will be an outer thing. And more likely, they bring temporary respite or perhaps don’t work altogether. For the problems in your life, your planets, your horoscope, isn’t a creation of the body. It’s a result of the energy exchange the soul has experienced in the past and continues to do so in the present. It’s all connected to who you are in the true sense – the soul. And each time this soul takes a body, it gets into Karmic exchanges. Each time, it leaves the body; it carries the impact of the latter and its future consequences along. These exchanges also determine the position of your planets in your chart. But only when you are in a state of higher consciousness (that of a soul), you will be able to relate to the impact of Karma and the role it’s playing in writing your destiny. It’s then, when you’ll realize that in this ongoing journey, there is something that you’ve carried from the past as your Karma, certain energy exchanges that were pleasant and some, that perhaps were not. And while you may be in a different costume (body) today, the energy that you’ve carried forward is only a continuation of past exchanges. You become aware that the body must be left behind life after life, yet, the energy that you are and the one that you receive or give, must be carried forward… life after life! The Karmic balances or rewards accompany you in time and that you are only a sum total of your deeds. Those, done in previous encounters and those that you bring along as an impression or an impact in the present! (Which the planets in your chart decode very well.) So, spirituality actually changes consciousness and by way of doing so, it changes your entire approach to life, people, situations and circumstances and more importantly – yourself. A mind that’s aware of its higher state will strive to respond to life better. Such a mind will attempt to make sure that good, clean, positive energy is all that it carries and whatever that’s bothering, remains only a thing of the past. Most importantly, when you change consciousness, you change your energy. And half your problems begin to get resolved with immediate effect. This is the power of spirituality! It connects you with your true self and makes you operate out of your duties and responsibilities towards yourself, not expecting someone or something else to fill up for… the duties and responsibilities towards you! You begin to act for your own self. Your betterment, your cleaning, your healing and your growth! As a soul, you remain aware that what you’ve brought as relations, equations, circumstances, situations – is all a result of your previous energy exchange and so, you must be responsible and cautious in the present, to be able to carry only the good things forward! The application of this consciousness in life… guarantees good fortune and eases off the impact of anything negative! Though what’s most enjoyable… is that you gain control over yourself; your present as well as the future!

If there’s anything in this world that’s always fair, always correct and ever accurate, it’s the Karmic law. And it’s ever operational, ever calculative, ever dynamic! The human mind cannot even comprehend the force and pace at which this law operates and comes back with astuteness that even technology may fail to compete with.

Humans, being victims of their own follies, are often left complaining to God for many of their troubles. For eons, it’s presumed that God is the creator and the destroyer and it is His plan that determines our eventual rewards or heartbreaks!

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I mean really? Ask yourself; does God really have the time to do something as trivial as maintain a logbook of Karmic details of 7.3 billion people? Look at any country, does the elected head – the prime minister or the president run the lives of their people individually! One on one that is! Can they? Well, they have country laws and policies and constitution etc that takes care of governance and the running of people machinery. Each is bound to act as per the laid down norms and each gets his or her returns, basis what the rule-book states. That’s how it’s all so accurately and efficiently done…managing scores of people, their lives and their conduct! If anyone violates the law, they’re punished, if anyone breaks the rules they’re fined, if anyone breaches the constitutional mandate, they’re put in the dock. And likewise, for good actions, there are good rewards too. It’s all laid down, almost… automated. That’s precisely how the law of Karma governs us all and it’s very simple to comprehend, very logical and impartial. Call it the rule of the universe or the unseen divine force at work…this law is mysterious but true! Remember, Newton’s law of motion? For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction! Meaning, for every action there will be a reaction that’s equal in size but opposite in direction. This perhaps best describes the Karmic Law! What you give to universe… will return to you as it is. The return could be immediate; it could take a few days, months, years or even lifetimes. But it will return!!! So, the rules are simple, what you want is what you must give. If you expect good to happen to you; you must be good or do good and that energy will return to you one way or the other. If you seek kindness then give it… and it is bound to come back. If you want love, then give, and its return is routine. Yet, if you choose to live with angst, jealousy, doubt, fear or any kind of negative energy, then you are creating that for not anyone but yourself. It will return, just the same… is the set law. The Karmic law is as simple to understand as this – that with every thought, with every emotion, every feeling, every word and deed…you are writing your destiny. Everything is going to come back as it is. God cannot intervene!! The law governs you and it operates in tandem with your energy – thought, words and actions. And if you don’t question the country laws, if you take responsibility for your actions and live as law abiding citizens, if you subscribe to the norms of civilized society, willing to face the consequences for any violation… then why do you not take responsibility for your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions, your responses, your reactions… which could possibly harm someone, or more importantly, harm you. God of course, is there to charge you with the positivity that you need to implement the good thoughts and actions. He always does so when you meditate or pray. But for the rest of it, you need to play your part and stay on the right side of the law. Therefore, always remember to function out of the awareness that …your thoughts write your destiny! Your feelings seal your fate! Your emotions define your character and thus your future! Your reactions and responses attract suitable rewards or punishments. God hasn’t ever willed anything for you! You are what you give!

Good Karma Myths & Truths – PART 1

How often have you done a good deed and felt peaceful inside? And how often have you done a good deed and still not had peace inside? The action delivered may have been the same, but why at times we feel peaceful, satisfied, joyous and calm and why there are times, when despite the same actions, these feelings elude?

Well, the answers to the above questions explain good Karma!

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Deeds are always an external thing, they are simply put – actions performed. They may look one thing and make you feel another at times is because; deeds are based out of your thoughts and intention. The latter being the foundation to all deeds performed, the quality of thoughts, through which the action is performed, determine the feelings that come back with that action. Or feelings that qualify that action! And thoughts are an internal matter; intention is an internal matter…while deeds are done outside. Now, how does the same deed become good Karma and abound with feelings of joy, peace and comfort for you…while on other occasions the elation could go missing… taking the ‘good’ away from what you have done? Check your thoughts and you’ll get the answer. When you do good deeds with pure, clean, unselfish and positive thought energy…they will seem and feel the same. Which is – Good! But if the energy within, while doing an action is confused, heavy, self centered and even negative at times; then no matter how positive the action, it’s eventual impact on you will always remain confusing and troubling. Try giving money in charity the next time, with constant thoughts and intention of helping the needy, of changing and impacting lives, of sharing your fortune with happiness and responsibility towards mankind, with true compassion and kindness and selfless devotion, with hope and love for the receiver; and gratitude towards life for giving you the opportunity – and the outcome of all these put together – will be a positive effect of good Karma within. But try giving the same money, with the thought energy that makes you get an ego boost or gets you selfish to expect the returns multifold as rewards or may be, doubts about whether you must give or not, or with arrogance that you are in the position of a giver; try giving it with grudge or unwillingness or with the emotion that you are big and the receiver -small or even try giving out of pity (it’s a feeling that dis-empowers others)…and all of these heavy energy thoughts combined – are bound to give you the opposite effect of your good Karma. In both cases, you gave the money to help someone; it was a good deed indeed. But while one was based out of your consciousness of pure, powerful, selfless thoughts, the other was more about doing it as a favour, or for something in return – may be, even just to feel good – for getting a high by virtue of being in the doers position. All these are bound to create heavy energy within. As they are manifestations of ego, pride, greed, desire and even pity (which is a negative emotion compared to compassion). Compare these with purity, simplicity, innocence, kindness, selflessness, sharing and love; and you will get your answer as to why the same deed has a different effect on you! In common terminology – karma is action, the real deed that is! In Karmic terminology – Karma is intention, thoughts and action all put together. The seed, the sapling and the eventual fruit respectively! If the seed is good, the sapling healthy…then the fruit is going to be sweet. Karma is the sum total of what’s going inside you and what you’re doing outside. So, for Good Karma to be accounted for as – Good – in the log-book of your deeds, for it to make you feel good in the end, it must taste sweet. And no matter how good the deed… if the thoughts within or your intention is not aligned to its goodness…it will leave you feeling pretty different. It will not taste as sweet as you perhaps expect it to be! Remember, “good Karma” is “good” – when it makes you feel good over all. For the eventual quality of the Karma is determined by your action, intention and thoughts put together. And there could be times when your intention may be… just to help someone, but along with that you keep thinking about things you must not. Like pitying that person or looking down at that person, or reaching out with thoughts of arrogance that you are the privileged giver or the expectation that doing good will get you good or some recognition! These are thoughts that not just disempower the receiver but dilute the true nature of your deed. So please check!! Check, check and check, those feelings, those thoughts that accompany your intent and the eventual deed. There may be times when the thoughts are not so clean despite the intention and action being genuine. This would bring in mixterity and will deter your karma from being good, eventually! Good Karma is… when it lightens you and brightens you and makes you want to keep doing so, over and over again. Good Karma must create a ripple effect of lightness inside accompanied with feelings of humility, compassion, hope and love; and not a trace of ego, pride, self gratification or even pity. The Myth is always that good karma is good action/deed. The truth however remains much more. Good Karma = Good Intentions + good thoughts / good feelings + good action.


Being Spiritual

So, what really do you think is being spiritual all about?

Is it getting detached and disconnected from the bustling life and material living to inhabit a place in the woods or the mountains?

Is it finding time to meditate and go listen to some spiritual discourses or may be, even go on a retreat as frequently as one can?

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Or is it about joining a spiritual school or a religious centre to pick up the nuances of a yogi life? Well, the answer is very simple. You could either believe what you see or you could believe what you feel! You could either embrace a spiritual life or just become spiritual. Or you could do both, which is tough, rare but not impossible! For the truth is, that there are two faces of spirituality that one sees these days. One is of course, a spiritual way of life – mostly outward, in choices and lifestyles; while the other is about just… being spiritual…in values and virtues and not making too much noise about it. And while the first amounts to influencing perceptions, the second inspires personalities! Needless to say, it’s attractive to be in an outwardly spiritual life. You become this self proclaimed yogi wearing saffron or white or may be, even black or green…whichever spiritual uniform appeals to you and lead a strict, disciplined life which includes rising early, eating pure, practicing meditation or yoga, lecturing people on high values and morals and chanting or praying as often as you can. You could even be a part of a spiritual school or a sanctuary and follow a dictated path. Doing all these external things is in fact, far easier than it would seem but what’s really hard… is to be spiritual in your behaviour, in your mind, in your thoughts, in your speech, in your actions and in your day-to-day dealings with the world. For a yogi will not be termed a yogi, if he loses his head, if he or she is peace-less and worrisome, is competing and jealous, is greedy for power and wealth – even in the name of God i.e.! A yogi is not a yogi if he or she is wanting of followers or doesn’t accept this world and its people unconditionally and lovingly, unwilling to embrace this human race as one, who divides in the name of religion and philosophy. On the other hand, a random man with no spiritual pursuits or an exterior façade may have all the necessary qualities that elevate him to a high spiritual status and attributes of a true yogi. Say for example, pick up one spiritual quality and observe. Say, you pick up detachment. Now look around in the world. There are these so called spiritual people (not all but many), living an outwardly spiritual life who are actually more inclined to achieving fame, wealth and status through the spiritual knowledge they give. They build a trail of followers and are ambitious of more people subscribing to their beliefs and philosophies. They are the ones who seek hefty donations, who run spiritual institutions and toil for its expansion, they are the ones globe trotting, living in lush, well-quipped, even high maintenance environments while still teaching and preaching spirituality. Yes, the knowledge they impart may be of great value to the world but, does it have the power to change and influence human minds to greatness is something that’s still debatable. Then there’s the other kind. The so called billionaires or the rich and affluent or even intellectuals who may not seem to be anywhere close to leading a spiritual life, but they are pretty detached from their wealth, reputation, popularity and even their high maintenance lives. Some of them even choose to lead very basic lives, with just the basic needs in place. Leaving little for their next generation they don’t think twice before donating everything to the true cause of mankind… to charities and foundations, to hospitals and schools…and all this, while they’re still young and alive! They feel the pain of the world and offer to heal. They may not have the wealth of higher knowledge but what they do have is the ability to feel one with the other souls journeying on the planet. They have the ability to give selflessly while not wanting even an iota of recognition for themselves! They have the ability to be spiritual even though they may not be living a spiritual life! Therefore, what really is being spiritual? Being spiritual is living peacefully, lovingly, generously, compassionately, unselfishly, happily and most importantly, it’s about being detached from worldly trappings (money, recognition, relationships, success etc) while still leading a worldly life. For spirituality may be a way of life…but you need to understand…that this life isn’t the one outside. It’s the one inside you, inside all of us. And what’s happening inside is what that actually decides whether one is truly being spiritual or not!
Is it living a life of abstinence and giving up on meat, alcohol, fashion, entertainment and yes, even sex… while catering for an outwardly simple and pure life?

As Long As You’re Alive!

This one life that you have…it’s the only real thing.

So make every breath count!

There really is no point in getting bogged down by challenges.

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As long as you are alive, you can overcome them! There really is no point in feeling the burden. As long as you are alive… you can lay it off! There really is no point cribbing and complaining… For as long as you’re alive…you know; it’s just a phase. There truly is no point worrying over people, issues, finances, relationships, health and the future. For only as long as you are alive…you can deal with them! What counts is not how life is or how it could be… what really counts… is just life by itself! Majority of us today, spend our lives, thinking about the unnecessary! Things that come and go… and we remain so preoccupied with them that they take away the value and magic from this most important thing in our hands – our life. It’s only a matter of realization then…that however worldly we may choose to be, one day, we’re all going to leave this world! One day, everything that seems to make so much impact on us, will not be a part of us anymore. I mean, look at the childhood that we’ve all once had! Doesn’t it seem like one distant memory or even a different life altogether. A time space… where nothing of the present seems relevant or important except the fact that it connects us with this life that we’re living. Likewise, stages go past and we continue to play our part. Not one stage resembles the other and life just keeps unfolding like a fantasy. The only thing that matters… is the ‘now’ we are living in…for it reminds us that we’re alive! So yes, you may earn your money, do the savings, work hard, get married, raise kids, look after your family, celebrate with friends, follow a dream, fight an illness, go trekking, holidaying, shopping… whatever…but just don’t lose the joy, the absolute sense of joyous realization that you’re living, that you’re alive! This action and emotion packed drama, is indeed the most enchanting because it makes us a part of a race that’s clearly the most privileged and wise. So, value the gift of your birth in every moment, in everything. When you’re sipping that coffee or biting into that food, when you’re working and being purposeful (success or failure is irrelevant); when you’re doing something for yourself or someone, when you’re in pain, when you’re hurt, when you’re happy, when you’re smelling the flowers or when you’re simply doing nothing …just remember, every single moment and experience here… is important for it’s a proof to you being alive. What we go through on a daily basis is only an acknowledgement of us, being a part of this colourful and exciting human journey. And that’s why, this one life, the only one that we know of; and the only one that we can feel…is all that must matter to us travelers. Indeed, making it in this material world…doing, surviving, succeeding, earning, giving…does seem to be getting tougher with time…but it is what it is… only till we are alive. So enjoy it. Enjoy being alive!!! Even with all its madness, unpredictability and turmoil…life is meant to be lived with gratitude! For it makes us who we are and as long as it’s there…it provides that golden chance to be who we want to be. Our list of complains and anxieties may be long, but look… how well they remind us… that we have a place in humanity and that we cherish a birth most valuable. After all, what really can this soul do without the body? That’s why, shine with the joy of living! Remember, a candle is only a candle till it has the ability to hold a flame. However bright, sparkling or dim or flickering…a candle is only valued for its flame. So is life! Till it holds your breath…everything about you… has value… you will be noticed, you will try, you will go down and rise up again, you will smile, cry, cheer, celebrate. And that’s why what matters most is not what you do or how you seem…what matters is just… you being here…as one among so many on this planet…living a life…with way too much to be grateful for! You are you…only… as long as you’re alive!!!