Whether it’s a material or a spiritual person; a worldly person or a sage… when one looks at the prospects of happiness in a birth chart, the placement of planet Moon is super significant.

Simply because a person may have the greatest combinations of wealth and physical comforts as well as success in all aspects of life; but if that person’s chart has a weak or afflicted Moon, he or she will have everything but may not be able to enjoy ones abundance in the form of happiness.

Then again, a person may have the greatest combinations for success in the field of spirituality, may do well… understanding spiritual knowledge and giving it out to the masses; such a person… may embrace the life of a yogi and may live by its dictum but only if the planet Moon is strong in the person’s chart, will he or she be able to enjoy true spiritual bliss. Otherwise, adopting a spiritual way of life and more essentially, making spirituality a way of life, may not necessarily amount to internal happiness!

I say this because in my experience, I have read charts of people in all spectrums of life but haven’t really found the physical existence of a person having the final say towards how the person feels deep within. So, there are famous people, talented people, affluent people, successful people, good people and even religiously inclined or spiritually inclined people… who may not essentially know… the art of mastering happiness.

Why? Because they have all sorts of great yogas and planetary placements in their charts… but the Moon in their chart is either weak or ill placed!

Let’s understand more…

Happiness in my experience of astrology has nothing to do with the kind of work one does, or the quality of life one lives, it has nothing to do with intelligence, knowledge and success or abundance or even the choice of a spiritual life! Happiness is decided purely and squarely by how… a person is! How does his or her mind respond in any given situation and how the person feels within… at all times!

Factually, if you look around in the world, you will find the suicide rate, depression rate and the quantum of psychological disorders or anxiety issues… rising more among the affluent and the more successful. You may also look at the spiritual side of life, spiritual organizations…. gurus/ teachers etc and find; that even though some of them belong to the sacred space, they are easily distracted (especially by Maya) and their tendencies do not lead to a very happy scenario…neither for them nor their followers.

Why? Because they live a façade…a perpetual conflict, where on one hand they are on that side of life where they have chosen to remain blissful in little and yet, they can be constantly found seeking – name, money, power, recognition and adulation etc. Obviously with such a conflict being lived 24/7, happiness from their lives is bound to go missing.

The irony in both cases is strange but true… and that’s where when one looks at the fault in their stars. For one check on the astrological chart, and it provides the necessary answers to questions that may otherwise seem baffling.

In astrology, Moon is a very soft planet; it’s everything cool, calm and tender. Moon in astrology, is the mind of a person, the inner mechanism that takes a final call on the person’s choices, desires, tendencies, responses, conflicts and most importantly… peace and happiness.

If the Moon is damaged, weak or afflicted, it shows a person can find happiness elusive… and even though at the gross level things may seem fine and going well, internally, such a person can battle a lack of happiness and disenchantment from life. That’s why, all planets apart, placement and strength of the Moon is considered of utmost importance when checking the quantum of happiness in someone’s life.

We’ve all heard the famous maxim – ‘happiness is a state of mind’… and astrologically… happiness is… the state of the Moon in a birth chart.