Unravelling Planetary Secrets & Karmic Patterns

Integrating spirituality with astrology to understand, how the karma you leave behind in previous lives, comes back as planets in your horoscope.
Just your time, date and place of birth… add up to so much!


Opening The Knots Of Destiny

There’s more to destiny…the one we bring in our horoscopes & the one we create through free will

Settling Karmic Backlog

A horoscope is karma reloaded. It reveals what we must settle & enhance

Tracing Soul Connections

Every planet depicts our connection with the universe, the world and the people in our lives

Astro-Karma Consultation


We Are Only A Sum Total Of Our Deeds

Figuring, Life’s Higher Purpose

The life given to us is for a far more elevated reason than the one we think. Planets tell us how!

 Strengthening Planets

Taking the spiritual route to astrological problems does magic!

Making The Most Of Life

Don’t just live your life, make it. For you are eternal and the journey will go on!