How often have you done a good deed and felt peaceful inside? And how often have you done a good deed and still not had peace inside? The action delivered may have been the same, but why at times we feel peaceful, satisfied, joyous and calm and why there are times, when despite the same actions, these feelings elude?

Well, the answers to the above questions explain good Karma!

Deeds are always an external thing, they are simply put – actions performed. They may look one thing and make you feel another at times is because; deeds are based out of your thoughts and intention. The latter being the foundation to all deeds performed, the quality of thoughts, through which the action is performed, determine the feelings that come back with that action. Or feelings that qualify that action! And thoughts are an internal matter; intention is an internal matter…while deeds are done outside.

Now, how does the same deed become good Karma and abound with feelings of joy, peace and comfort for you…while on other occasions the elation could go missing… taking the ‘good’ away from what you have done?

Check your thoughts and you’ll get the answer. When you do good deeds with pure, clean, unselfish and positive thought energy…they will seem and feel the same. Which is – Good! But if the energy within, while doing an action is confused, heavy, self centered and even negative at times; then no matter how positive the action, it’s eventual impact on you will always remain confusing and troubling.

Try giving money in charity the next time, with constant thoughts and intention of helping the needy, of changing and impacting lives, of sharing your fortune with happiness and responsibility towards mankind, with true compassion and kindness and selfless devotion, with hope and love for the receiver; and gratitude towards life for giving you the opportunity – and the outcome of all these put together – will be a positive effect of good Karma within.

But try giving the same money, with the thought energy that makes you get an ego boost or gets you selfish to expect the returns multifold as rewards or may be, doubts about whether you must give or not, or with arrogance that you are in the position of a giver; try giving it with grudge or unwillingness or with the emotion that you are big and the receiver -small or even try giving out of pity (it’s a feeling that dis-empowers others)…and all of these heavy energy thoughts combined – are bound to give you the opposite effect of your good Karma.

In both cases, you gave the money to help someone; it was a good deed indeed. But while one was based out of your consciousness of pure, powerful, selfless thoughts, the other was more about doing it as a favour, or for something in return – may be, even just to feel good – for getting a high by virtue of being in the doers position.

All these are bound to create heavy energy within. As they are manifestations of ego, pride, greed, desire and even pity (which is a negative emotion compared to compassion). Compare these with purity, simplicity, innocence, kindness, selflessness, sharing and love; and you will get your answer as to why the same deed has a different effect on you!

In common terminology – karma is action, the real deed that is! In Karmic terminology – Karma is intention, thoughts and action all put together. The seed, the sapling and the eventual fruit respectively! If the seed is good, the sapling healthy…then the fruit is going to be sweet. Karma is the sum total of what’s going inside you and what you’re doing outside.

So, for Good Karma to be accounted for as – Good – in the log-book of your deeds, for it to make you feel good in the end, it must taste sweet. And no matter how good the deed… if the thoughts within or your intention is not aligned to its goodness…it will leave you feeling pretty different. It will not taste as sweet as you perhaps expect it to be!

Remember, “good Karma” is “good” – when it makes you feel good over all. For the eventual quality of the Karma is determined by your action, intention and thoughts put together. And there could be times when your intention may be… just to help someone, but along with that you keep thinking about things you must not. Like pitying that person or looking down at that person, or reaching out with thoughts of arrogance that you are the privileged giver or the expectation that doing good will get you good or some recognition! These are thoughts that not just disempower the receiver but dilute the true nature of your deed.

So please check!! Check, check and check, those feelings, those thoughts that accompany your intent and the eventual deed. There may be times when the thoughts are not so clean despite the intention and action being genuine. This would bring in mixterity and will deter your karma from being good, eventually!

Good Karma is… when it lightens you and brightens you and makes you want to keep doing so, over and over again. Good Karma must create a ripple effect of lightness inside accompanied with feelings of humility, compassion, hope and love; and not a trace of ego, pride, self gratification or even pity.

The Myth is always that good karma is good action/deed. The truth however remains much more.

Good Karma = Good Intentions + good thoughts / good feelings + good action.