Planets act to deliver your rewards and punishments. They reflect your perfections and flaws, your goodness and sins, your rights and wrongs. Therefore, they are all bound by certain Karma or a certain tendency that defines you as a soul. They are the link to your past and a guiding light to the future. By themselves, they do not have much to do, for they are… matter, but what they represent is your energy exchange through lifetimes. So in many ways… planets through houses, can be considered merely symbolic in your birth chart. The real thing behind them… is always the ‘deeds’ and that ‘being’… through lifetimes.

That’s precisely why, you need to look at your birth chart with an intuitive mind, which helps unlock the doors to your sub-conscious and makes you understand who you are and what truly you’re capable of… in a more definitive manner. Otherwise, you’ll merely stay on the surface and never get to the deeper mysteries of the planets. You’ll never understand what these planets ask of you and how they look at your life as just life and not as some agents of fear and superstition.

Here’s understanding in the most fundamental Karmic language, what planets seek out of you; what exactly keeps them harmonized and at their optimum. Of course, I cannot take all the aspects that a planet stands for but the most significant ones and the most effective ones… is what we are going to look at… in this note!

MOON – The planet symbolizes your mind, your emotional connect with people, your emotional responses, your thought process and your potential for peace (peace of mind). The original ruler of the 4th house in a birth chart, Moon represents your Mother. That’s why, maintaining a harmonius and nourishing connection with people in your lives, especially your mother… having an emotional balance in the give and take of relationships and keeping your thoughts clean … reflects the right Karma that empowers Moon. Do the opposite and Moon would stand depressed in your birth chart.

SUN – This planet symbolizes your power, fame and reputation in the world. It reflects your ego, your self-esteem and connects to your father as well as people in authority. When you operate out of high self-esteem, it automatically shows a balanced ego or when you operate out of a consciousness that’s clean of self-doubts, fear and the necessity to please others, it again shows a balanced ego. Then, when you get along well with the father or people in higher authority, it shows you have the willingness to stay balanced in the face of power and control, willingness to tame your ego. This automatically provides strength to the Karma that the Sun stands for and makes it strong.

SATURN – The original ruler of the 10th house and the 11th house of your birth chart, the planet symbolizes your Karma (past, present, future) (10th) and the results, gains or losses (11th) borne out of it. Understandably, Karma is that unknown, unpredictable component that has the tendency to generate maximum fear in everyone. And that explains the fear of Saturn! But Saturn only is the symbolic bookkeeper and the judge of your Karmic journey; the actual power is in your hands. You do the right Karma, good Karma, clean Karma, elevated Karma and Saturn’s blessings will come raining on you! Of course, Karma out of discipline, hard work, honesty and perseverance is again something that adds to the might of your Saturn. This planet of justice also represents the underprivileged and should you share your bounties with them, or just never trouble them for their rights… Saturn stays strong!

MERCURY – Speech, communication, intelligence and ideas… Mercury gets strong when you carefully attend to its assigned portfolio. Speaking with precision and with the backing of truth as well as honesty; communicating to influence people the right way, working on elevated ideas…is the best Karmic dosage for strong Mercury in a birth chart. Sharing a healthy equation with your sister and keeping your Karma clean towards her…is even better.

JUPITER – Of the wise men and their knowledge, this original ruler of the 9th and 12th house of your chart…demands wisdom in your Karma. 9th house being the house of profound elevated knowledge and 12th house being the house of spirituality and meditation… Jupiter is best kept positively placed… when you make sincere efforts to grasp divine or higher wisdom and operate out of it. Of course, respecting and honouring people who bring this wisdom to you, like your spiritual teachers, masters and gurus…is also vital here.

MARS – Action, energy, aggression, passion… Mars symbolizes these aspects of your Karma! And should you want a well placed, strong Mars in your birth chart, be mindful of minimizing anger but maximizing your energy towards whatever you take up. Think through before responding to life’s situations that provoke aggression of the mind and action… and divert your internal aggression towards what you do for a living. Be driven, action oriented, righteous and pursue life with sincere passion… to make Mars receive the right Karmic energy, for strength in your chart. Getting along well with your brother will again mean more power to this planet.

VENUS – This is fairly simple. Love, relationships, beauty, luxuries and comforts… Venus gets its Karmic meaning… through these aspects of life. Should you keep your desires in balance, should you not seek or indulge excessively – that material bliss of life, should you be able to manage your relationships well and should you love without going overboard or becoming too sensitive; love without ego… Venus will stand strong. Respecting women is another significant tip for this planet.

RAHU – The house and the sign this planet occupies in your birth chart, is important here. For if you can manage to not get too obsessive, compulsive, over ambitious and over zealous, regarding the things that the house or the sign stand for; or the things you desperately want… Rahu will stay strong… notwithstanding the fact that it is a Karmic node, meant to cause some chaos in life. The best Karma for a strong Rahu in your horoscope, is delivering your actions with composure and endurance and not getting too eager or anxious for what you wholeheartedly seek.

KETU – The spiritual and the mystical Ketu is best honoured… through the practice of daily meditation. Learning to detach with the world… time to time… and seeking a connection with the divine or keeping a balance of the material and the spiritual ways of life and not getting too consumed by just material attractions, keeps you away from any trouble that this Karmic node is capable of. Giving away some donations, especially to the messengers of spirituality, is another way to help Ketu do well.