Free Will – Key To Making Destiny

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.” – CC Jung

Free Will -Key to making destiny

My attempt is to help you understand your Karmic backlog through the study of your horoscope and let you apply free will… to correct and improve!

The Part ‘Free-Will’ – Plays

Not all events mentioned in a horoscope come true. Some are even avoided or improved… through one’s own personal wisdom, determination and free will.

Free will is the ability to voluntarily choose how to act when a certain situation is posed before us. Also, it is the ability to make choices that are not controlled by pre determined fate or God.

Our past may be over and the present may be bearing the consequences of what we’ve left behind; but the future is still in our control. And how we take this present, how we face the events born out of prior causes… actually creates our future, a significant other half of our destiny.

At each step, the choices that we make, determine not just the quality of our Karma but also, the destiny that is being written out of it. Therefore, it is important to not just understand free will but to also apply it in day to day situations and life.

My attempt is to help you understand your Karmic backlog through the study of your horoscope and let you apply free will… to correct and improve!

Making Sense of Destiny

We often hear this cliché – man makes his own destiny. And so often we’ve bought the logic outright! Still, on many counts, rejecting this has seemed easier. For given our age old belief system; we’ve often put the blame of our fate on a force unseen. Though, have we ever tried to understand… what actually pre-determines our future and what exactly is the present all about? How really are the two different?

Making better sense of destiny is important here. Is it something we bring along with us at birth or is it what we are creating in the present? Or is it a blend of both?

Let’s Analyse

For logically, there are two parts to any destiny. One, that’s laid down as the turn of events, experiences, energy exchanges etc. basis our good or bad karma of the past lives. The second part however, is being written in the present moment when we’re facing the rewards or the punishments of our past life deeds. We can either choose to better ourselves in the present moment and thereby, better our future destiny or we can choose to succumb and simply get carried away; and not face our karma correctly

Thus, we could either write a destiny of pain or a destiny of joy basis the wisdom in our choices. In both cases however, the important thing to remember is – ‘we choose’. And this is termed as – Free Will

One half of our destiny is basis past life deeds – a destiny that we’re facing in the present. And the other significant half we are scripting now, by the way we choose to face the present. The important thing therefore to remember is, that we do have the power to create our own destiny with our choices, our so called Free Will.