Did you know your soul carries a bulk of information?
Did you know your sub conscious is the route to that information?
Did you know how valuable this information actually is?
How, it’s the key to your soul growth and evolution?
And do you know, what’s the most important bit in this information?

It’s the unfulfilled desires of your past life which become goals for the soul in the present life!

But not everyone gets the sense behind the past being… ones absolute present! Not everyone can understand that what was once an inclination or a deep-rooted desire is actually now, our mission in life!

For over lifetimes, a soul sets goals. It achieves some and doesn’t achieve some! Those achieved become the unwanted in the present life and those that remain unfulfilled come as strong desires that a soul would pursue passionately and obsessively in its present lifetime!

That’s why; we have all kinds of desires! Some seem easy to fulfill and some a bit absurd or far fetched! But remember… any desire that holds your attention for long, any desire that suddenly becomes your obsession and any desire that you feel you must fulfill no matter what… is probably a desire that comes from your past life! It’s already recorded in the soul and it will come to chase the mind at some stage of your life or the other.

Now just look at the world around you! There are people doing something as normal as a job and suddenly, they want to give it all up and go seek out something else. Perhaps a business, or some adventure or some kind of work that’s entirely the opposite of their mundane routine. Or there are people who are settled in their families, leading a domesticated life but suddenly, they feel the urge to break away and move towards isolation and monkhood. Which they at times even do! Or again, there are those people who have renounced the world and taken refuge in God, but there comes a point when they feel distracted and attracted to the worldly life! They sometimes, even take the plunge and get married despite having spent half their life in God’s service and renunciation!

Looking at all this, have you ever questioned, why such things happen? They happen to many of us! When we are going one way and feeling happy and content, yet, suddenly and abruptly… there emerges a desire that takes over our deepest emotions and pushes us in the opposite direction. Or even if not the opposite, it makes us take some major steps that leaves our life changed forever!

All because, we carry these precious recordings on the soul and when they play out, when our subconscious mind takes over from the conscious mind, we tend to get obsessed with an idea, a thought and a desire! A desire that transcends the boundaries of time and emerges from some place deep inside of us!

Always remember, the desire for which you are willing to give up everything, you have, all that you’ve built, all that you’ve been, it could even be something as simple as the conditioning of your mind… is most definitely an unfulfilled desire from past life, recorded in your soul.

So, going along life’s usual road if you ever stop by and begin to ask questions or if something catches your imagination and you feel the need to change directions… remember, your past has come calling! And no matter how hard you try and resist a change, you will be unable to stop and you will eventually, give it a shot!

This perhaps is the most fascinating part of a soul’s journey! When the unpredictable knocks on the door! When desires catch us unaware! And when an unfamiliar goal… tempts way beyond control!

This is the ultimate proof to soul recordings, which have made people travel to the extent of disbelief; which have altered paths altogether and which have made someone do the unthinkable… at times even the most unbelievable!

For such is the power of our unfulfilled desires in a certain lifetime that if we don’t dissolve them through wisdom and spirituality, they come back stronger in the next life that we live! These compelling desires (doesn’t matter good or bad), can push us beyond all limitations and leave the world in disbelief!

This happens because soul tendencies and memories do not die with death! They remain deeply embedded in the soul. And while tendencies do reflect through a soul’s personality in its next life, the memories get activated only fleetingly. Rather… they always operate through undercurrents and push us towards the choices that we eventually make! And that’s the only way it’s meant to be as memories, should they remain active… can play havoc with the mind!

Unfulfilled desires therefore, come to us… through these fleeting, yet, deeply ingrained memories!

Interestingly, astrology can give access to these desires as the placement of the planet Rahu in ones chart, indicates what we could not fulfill in our last life and what remained as our strongest memory or desire that accompanies us into this lifetime! Rahu therefore, denotes our obsessions and goals that the soul has already set for itself… to achieve.

Now when these desires and goals surface… is when… Rahu gets active in ones birth chart. That’s the reason, Rahu periods in a person’s life are often found to be confusing and that also explains the fear of the planet. For when Rahu takes over ones life through major periods or sub periods or sub-sub periods…or even after 40, when Rahu gets most effective…we tend to receive signals from our subconscious mind, signals regarding past life desires that are waiting to be fulfilled! The past suddenly starts dominating our present. Of course, all in the mind but that’s why we could feel the confusion that Rahu is deemed to bring! Something, one may not be ready for!

That’s the only reason why… Rahu is taken to be the troublemaker in our birth charts or in our lives. Because there are times when Rahu can turn everything around and we may feel compelled to leave the present and address the past. We may feel compelled in Rahu periods to fulfill what was left unfinished and unfulfilled in previous lifetime. And because at times, it may have no connection to our present, our sudden desires and obsessions, may seem puzzling and absurd.

But truth be told… there really is no getting away! For when the subconscious mind takes over from the conscious mind, then no logic, no rationale, no circumstances and no reality can stop one… from pursuing and chasing what he or she feels strongly! It comes from deep within and that’s why, it feels so right!

That’s precisely the reason, soul recordings are so powerful… the subconscious mind is so powerful, our memories and desires from the past are so powerful and Rahu the most obsessive energy in astrology… is… utterly powerful!