Birth Chart Secrets

“We have debts that must be paid. If we have not paid out these debts, then we must take them into another life…” -Dr Brian Weiss

Birth Charts As Karmic Report Cards

Do you know, each planetary placement or the sign and house – planets are positioned in – in your birth chart or horoscope, actually gives access to not just information about your personality and prospective life but also the life that you have lived prior to the present one.

And do you know that no two horoscopes are the same as the position of planets differ not just in terms of houses or sign placements but also in degrees and nakshatras (constellations) the planets are placed in!

What is the reason for this difference…that even twins who may be born just a couple of minutes apart have different birth charts?

Why no two people have identical destinies?

The answer lies in the secret of – Karma.

How else would you explain, destinies being different always? Or a horoscope revealing so much about the possible future of a new born?

On what basis, just as a person begins his or her mortal journey…the horoscope speaks so much about the long term future, personality, events and relationships that go well into defining almost a whole life?

It is the Karma we bring from past life that actually defines our present. And planets in birth charts reveal so much more, than just the present or the future!

What A Horoscope Truly Reveals

Given the urge of the modern day seeker, to get immediate respite from problems… traditional astrologers mostly (not all) give maximum emphasis to the material or the worldly interpretations of planetary positions in a horoscope. Therefore, they look at your planets to reveal immediate gains or losses, achievements of goals, position, success, health, relationships etc. along with some predictions of you as a person.

And though, this approach to studying a horoscope is more likely to be preferred and complied with, it reveals just the tip of the iceberg.

Because, the bigger thing about any horoscope is not what the planets foretell or their insights on how you are as a person…the bigger thing is always about why a planet is weak or strong in a particular horoscope. Why the position of planets in your birth chart predicts certain aspects of your life and personality the way it does… and why you truly are, the way you are!

After all, every planet in a horoscope is positioned where it is positioned… the sign, the house, the degrees and nakshatra (constellation)… for a reason. And that reason is your Karma of the past life!

Karma As The Basis To A Horoscope

The holy Bible mentions the universal law of karma in the words – “as you sow, so also shall you reap”. Newton’s third law of motion reveals more about the Karmic law in the famous sentence– “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” Karmic philosophy itself runs on laws of “cause and effect”, of “action and reaction”, which controls the destiny of all living entities.

With the fundamentals behind a horoscope or planetary placements arising from this all important law; with we being just a sum total of our past life virtues and vices… all birth charts and cards revealing something about us… are essentially our Karmic report card of the past life.