Astro- Spiritual Integration

“We are travellers on a cosmic journey.” – Paulo Coelho

Astro- Spiritual Integration

While helping people understand and make better sense of life, also make it worthwhile, my emphasis has always been more on spirituality. After all, we are all spiritual beings on a human journey and while this journey changes routes with each costume, each life… what stays permanent is that energy called the soul.

Looking at life around, we’ve often asked questions. Why certain people are good and why some are not? Why some are privileged and some not? Why some succeed effortlessly and some fail despite the greatest efforts? Why some are termed lucky and some the opposite? But seldom have we looked for the real reasons that actually stand to define human life in such a unique and divergent way!

Spirituality makes better sense of life!

Spirituality has explanations to the part… humans at large are getting to play in this specific life and why we are…who we are… along with… all that we have or have not. But to understand the same, we have to first accept ourselves as spiritual beings and discover that there is a lot more than meets the eye. The soul or the energy that gives life to a body has been on a constant journey. And as the soul, so will be its journey.

What is astrology?

It is more importantly, an analysis of a soul’s journey through a certain past life; the personality it carries forward and the Karma it’s come to settle or enjoy in the present life. Though sadly, astrology today has become… the ways and means to get a sense of just the material side of life. The side pertaining to human profession, possessions, marriage, health and wealth so to speak! People want to know more about these exterior things that define their myopic world or should one say, things that relate to only body consciousness.

Astro-Spiritual Solutions Work Over-All

Till the time one remains in the consciousness of the body, one looks to achieve the purpose of gratifying only physical and material needs and responsibilities; while sadly overlooking the real spiritual purpose which is the key reason for human life. If the latter is attended to and fulfilled, the former automatically stands to thrive.

But if the soul – it’s responsibilities, qualities and equations are over looked, then no matter how blessed a human is materially or in the worldly sense, there will never come fulfilment and a vacuum shall ever remain. Plus, the higher purpose of life shall not be achieved.

After all, it’s not the journey of the body…it’s the journey of a soul (with the body being just a means of travel). A fact that both astrology and spirituality refer to… And while Astrology reflects through a chart or numbers what exactly a soul needs to change, do and fulfil in this life; spirituality guides one… to ways of changing, doing and fulfilling what the soul has come in this life for.

Astrology therefore, is all about – ‘what’, while spirituality tells you – ‘how’!

Astro-Karma-Keys is an effort to help you interconnect these two powerful subjects… in order to enable you live a better, higher and fulfilled life.