This one life that you have…it’s the only real thing.

So make every breath count!

There really is no point in getting bogged down by challenges.

As long as you are alive, you can overcome them!

There really is no point in feeling the burden.

As long as you are alive… you can lay it off!

There really is no point cribbing and complaining…

For as long as you’re alive…you know; it’s just a phase.

There truly is no point worrying over people, issues, finances, relationships, health and the future.

For only as long as you are alive…you can deal with them!

What counts is not how life is or how it could be… what really counts… is just life by itself!

Majority of us today, spend our lives, thinking about the unnecessary! Things that come and go… and we remain so preoccupied with them that they take away the value and magic from this most important thing in our hands – our life.

It’s only a matter of realization then…that however worldly we may choose to be, one day, we’re all going to leave this world! One day, everything that seems to make so much impact on us, will not be a part of us anymore. I mean, look at the childhood that we’ve all once had! Doesn’t it seem like one distant memory or even a different life altogether. A time space… where nothing of the present seems relevant or important except the fact that it connects us with this life that we’re living. Likewise, stages go past and we continue to play our part. Not one stage resembles the other and life just keeps unfolding like a fantasy.

The only thing that matters… is the ‘now’ we are living in…for it reminds us that we’re alive!

So yes, you may earn your money, do the savings, work hard, get married, raise kids, look after your family, celebrate with friends, follow a dream, fight an illness, go trekking, holidaying, shopping… whatever…but just don’t lose the joy, the absolute sense of joyous realization that you’re living, that you’re alive!

This action and emotion packed drama, is indeed the most enchanting because it makes us a part of a race that’s clearly the most privileged and wise. So, value the gift of your birth in every moment, in everything.

When you’re sipping that coffee or biting into that food, when you’re working and being purposeful (success or failure is irrelevant); when you’re doing something for yourself or someone, when you’re in pain, when you’re hurt, when you’re happy, when you’re smelling the flowers or when you’re simply doing nothing …just remember, every single moment and experience here… is important for it’s a proof to you being alive.

What we go through on a daily basis is only an acknowledgement of us, being a part of this colourful and exciting human journey. And that’s why, this one life, the only one that we know of; and the only one that we can feel…is all that must matter to us travelers.

Indeed, making it in this material world…doing, surviving, succeeding, earning, giving…does seem to be getting tougher with time…but it is what it is… only till we are alive. So enjoy it. Enjoy being alive!!!

Even with all its madness, unpredictability and turmoil…life is meant to be lived with gratitude! For it makes us who we are and as long as it’s there…it provides that golden chance to be who we want to be.

Our list of complains and anxieties may be long, but look… how well they remind us… that we have a place in humanity and that we cherish a birth most valuable. After all, what really can this soul do without the body?

That’s why, shine with the joy of living! Remember, a candle is only a candle till it has the ability to hold a flame. However bright, sparkling or dim or flickering…a candle is only valued for its flame.

So is life! Till it holds your breath…everything about you… has value… you will be noticed, you will try, you will go down and rise up again, you will smile, cry, cheer, celebrate. And that’s why what matters most is not what you do or how you seem…what matters is just… you being here…as one among so many on this planet…living a life…with way too much to be grateful for!

You are you…only… as long as you’re alive!!!