About Me

Astrology was not my day job but most certainly a liking… that took over ever since I adopted the spiritual path! Originally, I am a publishing media writer/ editor whose chance spiritual encounters and enlightenment, lead to a deeper involvement out of sheer understanding and love for the enormity of the subject. Thus, I thrive on being spiritual!

For me, the entire concept of life, consciousness and existence revolves around a single word – ‘ENERGY’! And it is by this word that I determine life, experiences and everything else involved.

It’s very simple! As living beings, we are energy in motion. By what we think, say or do… we experience an energy exchange with other souls on this journey. Our Karma (thoughts, words & actions) determines the good or bad in that exchange. And that’s how; we create our own environment, our own life. The quality of which is determined not by any external factor but the energy within. So, the key word for me remains – Energy – and I have a scientific or to be more precise, a logical bent of mind… even in my spiritual pursuits.

Having been practicing spirituality since a few years, some powerful insights from daily meditation, led me to understand that I was here was a bigger reason. That I needed to help people live their true purpose of life and make better sense of this golden chance of playing a part… on world stage. The more spiritual my inclinations, the more compelling became this urge! And even though I realized that spirituality was enough to create that awareness, there still remained a missing link that would enable people connect better. After all, there’s a lot of spiritual discourse going on in this planet today; and to be heard rationally…one had to take up a more affable and practically effective route.

Thankfully, soon enough, an old passion and hobby, astrology… stoked my imagination! And I decided to combine the two subjects that perhaps hold the greatest significance in this mortal journey. Yes, I was into astrology for long. But the way traditional astrologers dealt with the subject, never quite made me take to becoming one myself. For I could never understand the external influence of planets or remedies in human life. I could never relate to something else, being the trigger to happiness or unhappiness in ones life. It was never enough to know that because of the planets, their movement or their placement in my chart, I was leading a certain kind of life. And external remedies I thought, were always futile!

But as my mind awakened to spiritual knowledge, I got the grasp of what exactly astrology was trying to convey. Something, that traditional astrologers sadly missed out on and something, that perhaps attached the maximum logic and value to this age-old science of the planets.

Soon, I dedicated myself to continuous research and experimentation. I voraciously read charts, observed life patterns, heard soul stories and confessions; to the point, when connecting birth charts to real life patterns, almost became an obsession. It certainly got me a semblance of sanity in relating to astrology and of course, clarity in using it for greater human help. And finally, thanks to spirituality, I could finally see and appreciate astrology in the right light!

The more I referred to the two subjects together, in decoding human lives (the ‘whys’ and the ‘hows’), the more commonality I found in the revelations that came my way. Gradually, post a lot of research, study and experiment, I developed a strong sense that astrology and spirituality when combined… become a powerful tool that enables us understand the true purpose of human life. Together, they judiciously guide us humans… towards doing what we are here to do and being, what we must.

My intention here is to help you with the keys that unlock this vast potential. A potential that translates to us being that high energy being, with the right energy exchanges, the right energy field and the best possible life… or even… after life… must I say!!

Your Astro-spiritual guide
Meetu Bisht