Unravelling Planetary Secrets & Karmic Patterns

Integrating spirituality with astrology to understand, how the karma you leave behind in previous lives,
comes back as planets in your horoscope.
Just your time, date and place of birth… add up to so much!

Opening The Knots Of Destiny

There’s more to destiny…the one we bring in our horoscopes & the one we create through free will

Settling Karmic Backlog

A horoscope is karma reloaded. It reveals what we must settle & enhance

Tracing Soul Connections

Every planet depicts our connection with the universe, the world and the people in our lives

Astro-Karma Consultation

We Are Only A Sum Total Of Our Deeds


Karma Secrets For 12 Ascendants

Your ascendant is the link to your highest payback karma. When you look at your birth chart, see what number...

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Ego & Planetary Trouble, In Astrology

The wise believe – Ego spells trouble! Astrology, endorses it! That’s because most of the planetary problems in ones chart…...

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Why Am I Born?

Hasn’t that been the question that’s often popped in your mind? When you’re sitting by yourself, in silence or even...

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When To See An Astrologer

There are some people on the planet not aware of the science of astrology, and still there are some, who...

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Planets in 6-8-12 houses, An Opportunity Not An Omen

Astrologically, whenever there’s a sense of fear created due to planets in the 6th, 8th and 12th houses of a...

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More Karma, Less Dharma

When one looks at a birth chart with planets sitting in the axis of the Karmic Nodes – Rahu and...

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Desires, Soul Recordings & Planet Rahu

Did you know your soul carries a bulk of information? Did you know your sub conscious is the route to...

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What The 9 Planets, Want From You

Let’s get straight to the fundaments of each planet’s lesson that is likely to enrich your life with a higher...

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Not life but the Karma clock is ticking away

Karma is the reason we are all here! The Karma of previous lifetimes is the reason we get a certain...

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Your Diet & Astrology

Today, many people are trying to shift consciousness and live out of awareness! Simply because they are willing to be...

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Good Karma Technique – Live It & Leave It

How do you not build further Karma when facing the odds of life? Or speaking astrologically, how do you not...

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Destiny May Be Fixed, The Future Isn’t

For all those who remain ever keen to visit an astrologer, say even for the smallest of things… you must...

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Past Life in Astrology

Yes, there is a way you may be able to figure some aspects of your past life in astrology! For...

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Your Thoughts, Your Destiny!

Have you ever thought why it’s believed that man makes his own destiny! Yes, you do bring a destiny basis...

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Unable to Meditate? Here are solutions!

Meditation is the cure to all the planetary hardships that we face in life. It is unquestionably the only concrete...

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Good Karma Dosage – For 9 Planets

Planets act to deliver your rewards and punishments. They reflect your perfections and flaws, your goodness and sins, your rights...

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Why a difficult horoscope is a blessing?

Never draw premature conclusions when you see a difficult chart or when someone tells you that your chart isn’t as...

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Key to Happiness in Astrology

Whether it’s a material or a spiritual person; a worldly person or a sage… when one looks at the prospects...

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Spirituality Brings Good Fortune

When you take to spirituality, you aren’t doing anything outside. No rituals, no chanting, no rings, no superstitions…all the attention...

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The Karmic Law

If there’s anything in this world that’s always fair, always correct and ever accurate, it’s the Karmic law. And it’s...

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Good Karma Myths & Truths – PART 1

How often have you done a good deed and felt peaceful inside? And how often have you done a good...

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Being Spiritual

So, what really do you think is being spiritual all about? Is it getting detached and disconnected from the bustling...

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As Long As You’re Alive!

This one life that you have…it’s the only real thing. So make every breath count! There really is no point...

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Power of ‘I’

Ever undermined, ever lost in the hum drum, ever unconsidered and ever underutilized is the power that can actually make...

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Figuring, Life’s Higher Purpose

The life given to us is for a far more elevated reason than the one we think. Planets tell us how!

Making The Most Of Life

Don’t just live your life, make it. For you are eternal and the journey will go on!

 Strengthening Planets

Taking the spiritual route to astrological problems does magic!